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Buried & Hidden Treasure Hunt Sites
For the purists, the treasure was/is either buried in, or hidden on the ground. Available to be claimed by the first person to solve the clues, or a casual observer walking his dog
Bandicoot Books Web Page
Home of Tasmanian Tiger and The Quest

Postal Solution Treasure Hunt Sites
The treasure hunt setters cop out. Instead of risking all and putting the treasure in the ground it's stored safely away where it can't be accidentally discovered
The Merlin Mystery at Celestial Voices
Together with a book which has also been released, the CD contains clues that enable the listener to find a hidden jewelled wand that is said to be worth $125,000
Quest - A Zetetic Treasure Hunt
'QUEST - a zetetic treasure hunt' is a self-contained treasure hunt in a book. You can win a unique hand crafted jewel box made with over 1000 grams of 18ct gold if you solve the puzzle. This prize has been valued at 30,000 or US$45000
The Stone The Unknown
The Stone is a necklace. It is the key to an online community. It is a piece in a puzzle that spans all time.

Web Based Treasure Hunts
All the information needed is on the web site, no books or pamphlets and usually a web based solution required i.e. no buried or hidden treasure
Quest4Treasure is a challenging internet-based treasure hunt game, unlike any others
The Web Quest
The on-line quiz, quest and treasure hunt site

Armchair Treasure Hunting Sites

The American Treasure Hunt Society
American site consisting largely of a well used forum
The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club
The official home of the Armchair Treasure Hunting Club
French treasure hunting web site
German treasure hunting web site

John Dee
My all time favourite treasure hunter, John Dee the Elizabethan mystic, mathematician and treasure hunter.
John Dee
Dee, John

Real Life Treasure Hunts
Now these treasures really were lost or buried, however they have probably resisted discovery.
Oak Island
Cocos Island Research Center
Legend of El Dorado

Puzzle Sites
Get those brain cells agitated.
The Fools Errand The wonderful home of Cliff Johnson, Mastermind behind Dabid Blane's Mysterious Stranger.
NUTTS puzzle
The Edgar Allan Poe Crypto Challenge

Interesting Links
Fun and useful links.
Treasure Hunting and Archaeological research
The Official RMS Republic Website